Decision of the Jury of the European Region of Gastronomy regarding the candidate regions for 2016

An international jury comprising representatives of the founding members of the European Region of Gastronomy platform met in Ponte de Lima, Portugal to consider the applications of the following regions for the European Region of Gastronomy title for the year 2016: Catalonia and Minho.

The Jury reviewed the written applications of the two candidate regions, which had been submitted on January 19th 2015. Jury members also visited the two regions in June 2014 and February 2015. The candidate regions were invited to make a presentation of their proposals in Ponte de Lima on February 6th, 2015. On the basis of the presentations the teams from the two regions were then questioned about their plans by the jury.

General comments
The jury was impressed with the work undertaken by both candidate regions in preparing their bids in the short time available. Both bids managed to integrate the different focus areas of the European Region of Gastronomy very well into their programme. Both bids also presented a long term view of the event and its legacy. Both regions have obvious gastronomic strengths on which to implement their programmes. There is also strong commitment from the regional partners to the programme.

Suggestions for improvement for the final version of the programme

Catalonia –

More specification of the relationship between the programme and the focus areas.

Ensuring visibility of European Region of Gastronomy in the different elements of the programme.

Minho –

Indicate how they will deal with the tensions between promoting local gastronomy and the strong trend towards globalisation.

Both regions -

Think about more activities to promote collaboration between SMEs at European level.

Consider how will they ensure that pride is taken in the event by local people.

Develop the evaluation actions, particularly in terms of the wider, European effects, because this will be a particularly important part of these first programmes. We will expect these two pioneer regions to share their experiences with the rest of the platform, and to ensure some form of independent evaluation.

Both regions should consider in a more structured way how they will work with the other regions on collaborative marketing.

On the basis of the written applications, the presentations and the discussion, the jury has decided that both Minho and Catalunya should be recommended as the first European Regions of Gastronomy for 2016.

The official award of the title will take place at a ceremony to be held in Brussels on 3 June 2015.


The International Jury

The jury is drawn from experts from the founding members of the European Region of Gastronomy platform. For the 2016 selection, the jury members are:

Prof. Dr Greg Richards (NL) President of IGCAT

Prof. Dr Ilie Rotariu (RO) Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Prof. Dr Roberta Garibaldi (IT) Universita degli studi Bergamo

Anna Blaua (LT) Riga Tourism Development Bureau

Claire Robert (FR)  Conservatoire International des Cuisines Méditerranéennes

Anja van Hout (NL) Agrifood Capital

Carmel Cassar (MT) University of Malta

Jesper H. B. Christensen (DK) City of Aarhus.


    Wassim Hallal

    Aarhus/Central Denmark Region 2017 will celebrate our widespread and innovative use of local ingredients.


    Robert Palmer

    European Region of Gastronomy is a pioneering project of cultural and economic significance to all regions who participate.


    Montserrat Garrido Romera

    Sant Pol de Mar is proud to share knowledge in raising the quality of culture and gastronomy offers.


    Carme Ruscalleda

    Catalonia is committed to raising the quality of local cuisine and food products.


    Francisco de Calheiros

    Minho IN aims to create synergies with other areas that share the same views on competitiveness and economic development.


    Maurizio Zanella

    East Lombardy promotes food and wine tourism, with a particular attention to local cuisine and sustainable food production.


    Dzintars Kristovskis

    Technology and cooking is so advanced that I feel the urge to go back to the roots. Riga-Gauja 2017 European Region of Gastronomy is going to be about that.


    Joan Roca

    I congratulate this initiative that highlights the richness and diversity of European gastronomy, at the same time as valuing chefs for their role in ecology and sustainability.


    Anton Rombouts

    North Brabant 2018 will highlight how agrifood industries are protecting food and culture diversity.


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    Catalonia and Minho present their programmes for 2016 to SEDEC of the Committee of the Regions, 22 September 2015


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